Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry is defined by the American Dental Association as "dental services provided by dentists solely for the purpose of improving the appearance when form and function are satisfactory and no pathologic conditions exist."

Our doctors strive to not only give you a beautiful and radiant smile but confidence to approach any situation.  

Dental Implants


Dental implants replace teeth if they are lost. Our dentist places a small titanium screw into the jaw where the missing tooth used to be. The screw, after bonding to the bone, becomes support for a crown. Once the crown is  placed on the screw, implants fit in perfectly with their surrounding  natural teeth. Because the jaw’s bone and supporting tissues fuse to the  implant, implants are permanently secured into place.

Teeth Whitening


 Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and best-known cosmetic  dentistry procedures. Teeth whitening is recommended when teeth become  stained and worn due to the effects of some foods, drinks, medications,  and personal habits including tobacco use.

Professional teeth whitening or teeth bleaching takes place in our office, after the doctors first ensures that no plaque,  tartar, or other debris are present. Teeth can be bleached to shades  that are even lighter than those of the original teeth!

Composite Bonding


Composite bonding is the repair of decayed, damaged or aesthetically  unpleasing teeth using materials that are close fits to the color of  your natural tooth enamel. First one of the dentists removes tooth decay and applies composite onto the tooth’s surface. The dentist then “carves” the  composite into a pleasant and functional shape and cures it with  high-intensity light.

The name of this process is often shortened to “bonding” but,  whatever the name, the process effectively covers tooth damage while  restoring the appearance of the original tooth – often, bonding even  improves the look of the original tooth or teeth!

Dental Veneers


Dental veneers are normally constructed from medical-grade ceramic,  and individually created for each patient to ensure that they resemble  the patient’s natural teeth. Veneers are often indistinguishable from  real (and attractive!) teeth and are used for many cosmetic problems,  including crooked teeth, damaged or cracked enamel, and unsightly gaps  between teeth.